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Gold Label Vintage

Caring for vintage furniture :: Don't be afraid of Velvet!

Posted by Emma S on

So. We sell lots of velvet sofas and armchairs… at this point, I don’t know if I find the velvet sofa, or the velvet sofa finds me! I love vintage velvet (can you tell)… but I digress. Right. Back on track.

We meet lots of customers who are scared of velvet. Don’t be! They think it’s hard to care for. It’s not. They are scared the kids are going to wreck it. They won’t! Honestly, velvet is one of the easiest fabrics on a sofa to look after and clean and you can even sit on it and your bum doesn’t get cold (like leather).

I know it all seems very daunting – but it’s not. Velvet is very forgiving, provided you’ve prepared it in advance.

Scotchguard is your friend, and velvet loves it.Most of our items leave our warehouse having been steamcleaned and scotchguarded, and those treatments are always detailed in our description. For protection it is best to keep it up. Depending on the use of your furniture, that can be every 3/6/12 months. Scotchguard is available at most supermarkets or hardware stores.

Follow the instructions – always test in an inconspicuous area (underneath) and do not hold the spray too close. Don’t saturate the fabric. Have a steady and careful hand and you’ll be fine.

Righto, your vintage velvet sofa is all scotchguarded up but stuff sometimes happens.Attend to spills immediately with a slightly damp clean cloth (only slight, not saturated) and wipe with the grain. What I mean by that is when the pile smooths down – you can feel it, right? The grain on a sofa is usually towards you.You can rub horizontally across the grain, but always smooth immediately down again, or a rub mark may linger.

It is best not to get the fabric too wet, or watermarks can result. If you do get the fabric wet, remove the item from direct sunlight to dry in a cool spot.

For general every day cleaning, a regular vacuum to remove dust and keep your vintage velvet looking great is a must.

As always, if you need any advice with your after purchase care, I am happy to help and offer my experience. Please get in touch if you need to.

So… don’t be afraid of velvet! It is hard wearing and the fact that often our velvet items in their original upholstery look as good as the day they were delivered is a testament to that.

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